High static pressure fans 17051 SERIES 170x150x51MM

Evercool announced the release of the high static pressure fans, with its special fan frame design, it would meet all the requirements in different operating environments.

This series of fans is particularly suitable for

  1. High power consumption computer system
  2. Machinery industrial
  3. Medical facilities
  4. Electrical equipment
  5. Automobile industry
  6. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industries
  7. Communication Equipment

And those industries that require high efficiency fan or to apply to the ventilation system.

High static pressure fans17051 SERIES 170x150x51MM evercool fan


High static pressure fans17051 SERIES 170x150x51MM evercool fan

 Dimensions Drawing

High static pressure fans17051 SERIES 170x150x51MM evercool fan

DC fan dimensions 170mmX150mmX51mm, supports various voltage and RPM. If the specification you require is not in the list, please contact us.


17051 SERIES 170x150x51 MM
 Rated Voltage (VDC)Rated Current
Power Consumption (WATTS)Speed
Air Flow
(Inch-H 2O)
EC1751LL12BA 120.9211.042600203.320.44<44.2
EC1751L12BA 121.25153200250.240.67<48.7
EC1751M12BA 121.8522.23800297.160.95<54.3
EC1751H12BA 122.732.44400344.081.27<58.2
EC1751HH12BA 123.946.850003911.64<62.6
EC1751LL24BA 240.4811.42600203.320.44<44.2
EC1751L24BA 240.63153200250.240.67<48.7
EC1751M24BA 240.8520.473800297.160.95<54.3
EC1751H24BA 241.3432.164400344.080.27<58.2
EC1751HH24BA 241.9647.0450003911.64<62.6
EC1751TH24BA 242.662.45600437.922.05<65.5
EC1751LL48BA 480.2411.42600190.560.45<44.2
EC1751L48BA 480.31153200231.40.66<48.7
EC1751M48BA 480.4521.63800272.230.91<54.3
EC1751H48BA 480.6832.644400313.071.21<58.2
EC1751HH48BA 480.9847.045000354.91.54<62.6
EC1751TH48BA 481.362.45600394.751.92<65.5
EC1751SH48BA 481.5726200435.582.33<69.0

• Material:Impeller Plastic(UL 94V-0)Frame Aluminum
• Lead Wires:UL 1007 AWG #26 Or Equivalent
Red Wire Positive(+),Black Wire Negative(-),Yellow Wire Or Blue Wire Signal(FG)
• Function type is optional.
• The max air flow and the speed are measured in free air;max air pressure is measured at zero air flow.
• Noise is measured in anechoic chamber in free air,one meter from intake side.
• All readings are typical values at rated voltage.
• Specifications are subject to change without notice.
• Additional special function may be added according the requirement of customer.
※ If any fan requests,please do no hesitate to contact us.